Liquid-Based Pap Test on 36-Year-Old Non-Gravid Woman

by Marianna Sandomirsky, MD, Resident, Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Editor: Brian T. Collins, MD, Professor of Pathology, University of Utah, and Medical Director, Cytopathology, ARUP Laboratories

The patient is 36-year-old, non-gravid woman, day 10 menstrual cycle, on hormone therapy (not otherwise specified). No previous cervical smear sample is available for comparison.

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Cytopathology Findings

Liquid-based Pap test shows the following:

  • Several intermediate-sized groups of crowded columnar cells are present.(Fig. 1).
  • Some of groups are arranged in strips and small rosettes and show "feathered" edges.(Fig. 2).
  • The nuclei are hyperchromatic with open chromatin and irregular contours.(Fig. 3).
  • Most of the cells have single inconspicuous small nucleoli but larger single and multiple eosinophilic nucleoli are also identified. (Fig. 4).
  • Scattered markedly enlarged pleomorphic cells and rare single atypical mitotic figures are seen. (Fig. 5).
  • The cytoplasm is scant and shows fine vacuolization.
  • The background is composed of mild acute inflammation without tumor diathesis or abundant blood.

Final Diagnosis & Discussion

This case report published: November 6, 2009.

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